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Moxie Band Eminent Domain CD Blues Jazz Cincinnati
Eminent Domain
December 2014
Tell The Truth - Lowman Pauling
I Wonder Why - Robert Lyons
Down At The Old Folks Home - Ed Cunningham
As Long As I’m Movin’ - Charles Calhoun
Bendin’ Like A Willow Tree - Lowell Fulson
If Love Was A Train - Michelle Shocked
Blue Skies And Sunny - Ed Cunningham
I Got The Right Street (But The Wrong Direction) - Ron Stockert
Stickin’ With You - Duke Robillard
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Special Appearances:
Blue Skies And Sunny: Jimmy Nolan, Trombone; Steve Hayes, Percussion
Stickin’ With You: Britt Krebs, 2nd guitar
Special thanks to the late Dave Shevin for providing, sometime in the mid-1980s, “I Will Not Go To Market Today,” by Harry Allard; and Sarah Brown’s recording of “As Long As I’m Movin’.”
Fox Chapel Recording Studio, Cincinnati Ohio
So why the title "Eminent Domain"?
Guitarist Jim Lawson owned a house; a duplex in Northside in Cincinnati, Ohio. For 30 years, friends, relatives, and a variety of tenants rented the apartments, often while going through some sort of life transition. Jim lived there himself from time to time. He and Donna formed a version of The Moxie Band there in 1990. Lots of life was lived in the house. Then the State claimed Eminent Domain. The house was demolished. New roads are now traveled where the house used to stand. Things are different now.
Emininent Domain has come to represent for us a spirit of adapting to change that comes against our wishes. We experience losses greater than property as we travel our journey. But after we weep we eventually adapt. Changed, we build new roads and we move forward.
As we move forward we celebrate what is good, appreciate what we have, make merry, make music. While the album title carries some metaphorical meaning, the tracks themselves are light-hearted. They’re all about the groove. It’s just fun. Groovin’ swingin’ head-bobbing fun.
And the sneakers on the cover?
The original package concept was to show the process of the house standing, the house demolished, and the property as it is today. However, acknowledging the realities of design and production, and the house and photograper being gone, well, Mikey’s high tops ended up on the cover instead. And rightly so, as rather than getting weighed down with too much art or too much meaning, it’s lighter and hints at the heart of the music, the toe-tapping groove. After all, the beat goes on.
Jim's House
Donna stubborn and uncooperative
Tire Track
Colerain and Colerain
Jim is confused.
New roads, moving forward.