Special Section: Straight From Britt’s Camera
Original unedited photos by Britt Krebs
Moxie Band Home
Moxie Band on front porch. Photo by Britt Krebs.
"It's nice, but it needs to tell a story." That's what Britt said when he looked over a proof of our cd booklet made with his photographs. It was just a collection of photos of the band, in no particular order really. But the photos were taken at 4263 Colerain Avenue in Northside, a two-family building Jim bought back in the 1970s. The full story is really that of many friends and family members who lived in that house over the years. It had been a stopping point for many lives in transition. Britt had lived there himself for awhile.
Then, in 2011, the State forced the sale of the building and demolished it to make way for new roads. The story at that time would have ended with a photograph of a fat tire track in a muddy lot where the house used to stand. But the story was still unfolding, and soon Britt was gone, too.
Now, a few years later, road construction on the property has been completed. Those who were close to Britt have moved forward, heartaches in tow. New roads have been built.
In order to release this project, I had to choose between using only Britt's photographs, and ending the story with the vacant lot; or continuing the story to complete the cycle of renewal and rebirth by using a few of my own amateur photos taken after road construction was completed. I struggled with this, as we really wanted a collection of Britt's photography as a tribute to his memory. But he said, it needs to tell a story.
So I asked his advice. Working on this project became a lot like using a Ouija board. The resulting story in the cd booklet is indeed the one of rebirth and renewal. Recovery. Hope. New roads. But it only used a few of Britt’s photos and there are so many more. When I said to Britt back then, "But there are so many good ones!" he replied, "Save 'em for the website.” So here they are, every single one of them, unedited. This is in memory of our friend.
Miss you, Britt.
4263 Colerain Avenue in Northside. Photo by Britt Krebs
Excavator. Photo by Britt Krebs
Graffiti. Photo By Britt Krebs
Robin Williams Quote. Sadness but hope.
Yes  there's a sadness but there's also hope.
Robin Williams 1951 - 2014